Potential Benefits of Drinking Plenty of Water

Some people don’t actually drink any water at all, and instead get their fluid needs from other beverages or foods that they eat. However, drinking water is a better way to replace fluids lost throughout the day because it doesn’t contain any calories or additives. Getting all your fluid from caloric beverage can result in weight gain over time. The most common recommendation is for people to drink about 2 liters of water per day, although not everyone needs exactly this amount. People who get a lot of exercise or spend a lot of time in the sun need more water than those who are more sedentary and spend most of their time in air-conditioned buildings.

Weight Loss Benefits

Drinking water right before meals can help make it easier to eat less, which means it may be beneficial for losing weight. It can be easier to drink this water when cold, filtered water is at the touch of your fingertips, as is the case when you deal with one of the companies that rent water coolers Sunshine Coast has to offer. This type of water cooler hire can be less wasteful than purchasing bottled water, but provides some of the same convenience. Cold water may temporarily increase the metabolism as well, further helping with weight loss.

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Improved Physical and Mental Performance

People who don’t drink enough water can find themselves starting to feel tired sooner when exercising, limiting their overall endurance. They may also find that they get headaches more often and have trouble concentrating. Mild dehydration, which is defined as losing 1 percent of body weight through fluid loss, can also affect mood. At this level of dehydration, people may not even feel particularly thirsty.

Decreased Health Risks

Drinking more water may also make people healthier by limiting their risk for certain health conditions. These include acne, kidney stones, constipation and some types of cancer, although the research is still preliminary in the case of cancer and acne risk. However, it won’t hurt to drink an extra glass of water or two to limit the risk of even mild dehydration.

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